Hydroworx Water Treadmill Pool


One of the latest innovations for your Indoor, Outdoor or Commercial Pool project, from Portrait Pools, is the use of the Hydroworx technology, which provides aquatic therapy and fitness for the user. It is a great asset for medical conditions such as stroke rehabilitation, arthritis and paralysis.

You can also ask for this pool to be used with our movable floors and TriVa counter current systems, that are explained in our blogs.

The Hydroworx Pool gives you a barrier free modular pool and ultimate flexibility, that gives great versatility for home and commercial pools. It’s movable floor and underwater treadmill, that is produced by resistance jet technology, will provide stimulation for users who are training for fitness or rehabilitation after an injury.

The built in treadmill gives you the opportunity to use variable speeds, that will suit all types of rehabilitation needs for users after illness or surgery. It is also an asset for people with chronic or orthopedic conditions that need therapy to bring them relief from pain or stiffness.

It has been clinically proven that elderly users, who use the pool regularly, will have an improved quality of life and overall wellbeing, as it aids with sleep patterns, mobility and balance, to bring them health benefits that they would not normally find in the home. The study was carried out at the University of Wisconsin, and completed over a five week period, using middle-aged and elderly volunteers who suffered from a variety of health conditions. They were proven to have decreased joint pains and better health overall after the trial.

This type of water treadmill pool is used by athletes, amateur and professional levels, to promote their training regime. It also aids them with injuries and recovery, so will enhance any home home or business.

If you have a family member that has a chronic health condition, or is recovering from an accident or injury, this pool would prove invaluable in the home setting. It will provide them with a low-impact environment to train and exercise in at their own pace, to assist in their recovery or health needs.

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