If You Like Living In The Fast Lane – Why Not Swim In It Too!

Fast Lane System

The Fast Lane System

A feature that we can now add to your luxury swimming pools at Portrait Pools, is the innovative idea of a fast lane.  The Fast Lane System can be installed into practically any type of pool, whether new or existing, that has a compatible construction, which we will be able to advise you on.

The System has two main parts to it, the Power Unit and the Swim Unit.  The Power Unit hydraulically powers the swim current in the water.  It has 5 horsepower motor and will be placed safely within your plant room, keeping electrical components away from the pool itself.  It uses 5 gallons of  biodegradable vegetable based hydraulic fluid to power the swim unit, connected by two hydraulic hoses, keeping electricity well away from the water.

The Swim Unit is mounted on the side of the pool, and has a hydraulic motor beneath the water that turns the custom-designed 16” propeller.  This then produces an innovative channel system which straightens and smooths the current of the water.  By varying the flow of oil from the power unit, you can control the speed of the propeller and the swim current.

The swim unit can be placed in any pool with a minimum depth of 35”, which means if you can swim in the water, it is able to have a fast lane unit fitted!  It is very quick to learn how to use, being operated by an ON/OFF switch on a remote control, and a choice of speeds, either faster or slower.  This will make swimming in your luxury pool a whole new experience, that you will want to repeat again and again!

All that you need is a single 30-Amp, 220 Volt, GFCI circuit, and we will do the rest!  Usually in your pool you will swim endless lengths, and turn at each end to return.  This can become monotonous and boring, but with the fast lane installed, you will have a fitness regime you only dreamed of!  Cardiovascular fitness, joint and muscle strengths, and low impact workout sessions.  Perfect if you have a family member with special health needs, as the current can be adjusted to suit.

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