Jet Stream TriVa – Counter Current Training System


At Portrait Pools we always use the latest technology when we design, construct and build your Indoor, Outdoor or Commercial Pool.  We are always trying to improve, by using the latest innovations and offer our customers the best and most efficient water systems.

The Jet Stream TriVa is the new water system available, that gives the user the opportunity to train in the pool like top swimming athletes, with its counter current swimming system.

Using the latest computer simulation technology, it is designed to produce a flat current, just under the water surface, which is where swimmers need the resistance to promote building up their shoulders and chest muscles.

The main difference between the Counter current systems available to the TriVa system, is that water turbulence is minimised by no air entrainment being used.  They also ensure that you get an optimal swimming channel, by positioning the WAVE safety water intake covers across the pool from the TriVa faceplate.  It can also be used alongside our movable floors and Hydroworx Treadmill pool, which are also explained in our blogs.

The TriVa system is offered for three different model sizes, and is made to suit a wide range of training and swimming abilities.  So if you have a budding Michael Phelps in your family, this will help them no end, in between their coaching sessions!

If you have a commercial project that you are planning to add a pool in, whether it be a school, college, leisure centre or holiday park, this would be a great asset to add into your design.  We would be happy to use our years of experience and knowledge in this field, to build you your dream pool, and assist in making your new business venture a success.  Our designers and architects will be on hand all the way through from concrete base to the elegant finishing touches, so you will have no worries.

The TriVa system can also be added to any pool we build for your home, so that your family members can benefit from this latest technology, for a whole new swimming experience, that will not be bettered elsewhere!

When you fill in our online contact form, we will give you a call to discuss your ideas for your new pool.

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