Movable Floors – Make Use Of Your Space!

movable floors

At Portrait Pools, we pride ourselves on our speciality and expertise at the innovative idea of movable floors for your pool, that use state of the art technology, producing functionality, but also beauty.

The advantage you get, is that during the day you can use your pool, whatever depth you choose, and then when finished, you can raise the floor to cover the pool completely to give you an added entertainment space that is completely secure.  The depth can be raised or lowered to suit the user, and is useful for small children, inexperienced swimmers or family members with special needs.

The Motorised Hatch

Motorized Hatch
The motorised hatch that operates the floor levels is installed at the bottom of the pool, but is unseen due to slatted covers that completely seal to make it difficult to view.  It can be fitted in any style of pool, whatever the shape, which has previously been unavailable.  Once installed it will help to reduce your energy bills, as the highly engineered plastic slats are energy efficient.

The Submersible Boom

The submersible boom is used to divide your pool, by using an automatically raised wall.  This will give you the opportunity to change the levels of water in the pool to have experienced swimmers in deep water, swimming alongside more inexperienced swimmers in shallow water.  Once it has been installed with the movable floors, you can create zoned areas for the users of the pool that will suit all family members.

Submersible Booms

To have a swimming pool in your property is everyone’s dream, and when the time comes, you want to have the most efficient and updated technology available, which is what we at Portrait Pools can offer you.  You will find the use of our movable floors a great asset to have with your pool, as they make the pool area safe when not in use, as well as giving you the extra space you sometimes crave for entertaining or business meetings.  With our bespoke ceramic swimming pool designs adorning your walls, it will being you an elegant and spectacular entertainment venue that will grace any property.

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