Rolling Floors

If you are looking for versatile use of your pool room space then Portrait Pools offers the ultimate solution – the Roll On Roll Off Room!

Available on new build pools and as a retrofit, the roll-on, roll-off room glides across your pool on special nylon rollers with sealed stainless bearings for minimum resistance and noise.

The pool floor covering can be finished with a wide range of products from natural stone, ceramic tiles or even timber to match the remainder of your pool surround.

The advantages of the roll on room are that our floor and drive system are dry housed, never submerged or make contact with the swimming pool water. The main floor is constructed using chemical grade stainless steel with corrosion resistant sub frame and mechanism to ensure a long trouble free life span.

Here at roll on room we can transform your pool hall into a dry usable room within approximately 3 minutes of pressing a switch.

Once the roll on room is in position you can rest easy in the knowledge that the pool is securely covered, and safe for all the family.

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